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Escape the Genie’s Lamp

Outsmart the Trickster Genie!

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The Genie Escape Room for Kids

After a sudden crack of thunder and gust of wind, you find yourself in an opulent room full of magical objects. The Genie who lives in this lamp has managed to escape and trap you inside as his replacement. Time seems to move differently in here… You have 60,000 years to follow the escape route and make a wish upon the lamp, or you risk becoming the new Genies — permanently. You must work together to search the room, follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and make it out in time.

Adults ages 10 and up are given 60 minutes to escape. Kids ages 4 to 9 are given 30 minutes to solve the problem in a kid-friendly version of the challenge. This is Chicago’s only kids’ escape room! Bring the whole family and bond while you work as a team to escape.

All participants must be able to climb stairs.