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Are you looking for a fun new way to build relationships and bond with a team? Do you want to evaluate team members for leadership skills, out-of-the box and critical thinking skills, and the ability to work together and influence group decisions? Or are you just looking for a fun challenge with family and friends?

At Vault Escape Rooms, all of this is possible. We offer live-action escape games. Imagine that you and your team are locked in a room with only 60 minutes to escape. Start by searching the entire room. What looks odd? Out of place? Do you see locks, lock boxes, or safes? Can you find any keys or clues? Each riddle solved, clue located, and code deciphered brings you one step closer to escaping.

As the clock counts down, your team begins to show their natural abilities to work in such an unusual environment. These challenges promote working toward a common goal as well as strategic group thinking. Teams must effectively and efficiently communicate, as something innocuous may be critical to solving a later challenge. Team members must be able to think quickly and defend their answers to their teammates.

Vault Escape is a game that promotes team building and competitive growth. It enables the expansion of team relationships, so it is great for executive teams, newly formed leadership teams, or even departments that need to more closely bond.

This is not a typical corporate team building activity where many of the participants are just waiting for the end of the day. This is a game that people actually enjoy doing and has become extremely popular as a group or date-night activity. Test your deductive skills in a fun escape room challenge today.